Wednesday, January 6, 2010


greetings everyone. So, we are in Dali land and I thought I would write a bit about it. for those who don't know we are in the very nothern part of india, Dharamsala/Mcleodganj to be precise. It is a very magical place. Based in the snowcapped mountains of the Himalayas it is quite a sight to witness. Tibet is not far away and as you might imagine there are a lot of bald guys in red dresses and orange sashes running around talking to themselves and others like them. It is a very spiritual kind of place. There is a sense of purity here, one that I have never experienced before. Just this morning I was having coffee and tibetan bread at a nearby cafe and overheard a spiritual man telling another spiritual man at the table next to me how he might better be able to reach the inner sanctoms of the soul. I must admit, I was a bit touched by the whole thing. If there were ever a place where one can practice binding the mind, body and soul into one, this must be that place. There is no sense of materialism here at all. These people have nothing yet they seem to be the happiest people on earth and they seem to have discovered the meaning of life at a far more complex level than we know it. There is a peacefulness here that just permeates the air. It is very hard not to fall in love with this place. And being based in the Himilayas ofcourse only makes it even more special. I will not soon forget this place, infact I am quite sure it will stay with me the rest of my life. I am convinced that there is much that these people can teach us about life. I think what I will take from here is the following: there is a spectrum of the life we live. On one extreme endpoint is complete selflessness which is what you see here amongst the monks, on the other is a complete materialistic endpoint which I am sad to say is the world we live in back home. I believe that the perfect balance to life is actually somewhere in the middle. The key to life is actually trying to place yourself right in the middle so that you get the best of both worlds. The trick is actually trying to find that midpoint. In summary, I know I will miss this place greatly and will be very sad to leave it. I could probably stay here forever, but I must go on. There is much more to see.


gordonsloan January 6, 2010 at 11:45 AM  

Mr. Chris
I am so happy to read your comments! The Hindu Kish (Kush?) is an area Margo raved about. She dated a "Hump Pilot" who flew over Mt.Everest many times, aiding Chaing Kai Chek in China. He is the one who brought her all the Chinese kings, scrolls etc. that are in our home now. She said their level of spirituality is unrivaled. Great blog.

Let's try for Skype on Sunday 1/10/10. Let me know what time.

RyanRayLA January 13, 2010 at 3:29 PM  

GREAT NOTES! I've been reading "Autobiography of a Yogi" lately by Paramahansa Yogananda (founder of the Self-Realization Fellowship).. I only wish I would have had this spiritual foundation I have today when I was there 6 years ago (WOW Time flies!!) No doubt I will be back again and will have a renewed perspective on the whole country. India is Magical.. that simple.

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